blonie2So I’ve been gone for a while BUT: I’M BACK! With new hair, a new job (my own business!!), New plans for my blog and a list of new things I want change in my life. So basically: A fresh new start! So from the beginning: What have I been doing the last couple of weeks?

I started my own business! My job at the zoo came to an end and the employment agency where I work didn’t had much to do for me anymore. It was hard to find a job, and the ones that did want to have me didn’t pay very well. At one point I was like: Ok, fuck it! I’m starting my own business! It took a little bit of time to design stuff (online portfolio coming soon!) and get some of the ‘official business stuff’ done. BUT! things are starting to fall into place, and I already have a client I can work for! Graphic design it is.

In the meantime, I decided to dye my hair! I always wanted to have my hair as light as possible and now I finally did it! I dyed it myself and I know it’s not perfect, but I’m SO happy with it! It just takes a little time and I probably dye it light pinkish in a few months. I don’t know for sure yet, for now I just like it the way it is.

I also thought about changing my blog a little. I’m not so happy the way it is right now. I want more ‘rock n roll’ looking posts and pictures. More black, white and grey colors in my outfit pictures and I also want to bring back ‘item pictures’. Like the ‘new in’ posts or some of my favorite clothing pieces of the moment, stuff like that. Ohh! and more random posts, like inspiration pictures, blogs I follow, wish lists and maybe some beauty articles. AND! I want to try to get at least one or two video’s on youtube every week!

I wasn’t very happy with ‘life’ either so I made a list with stuff that bothers me the most and decided to change it. One thing I really hate is having no money or a job. I’m working on it right now and I already feel a lot better (I really think this is going to work!). I didn’t feel good about my appearance either, so I dyed my hair and started eating more healthy. I’m not going to lie but I feel sexyyyy with my new hair and I have so much more energy since I changed my diet. I also decided to play the guitar more often and to find a new hobby. As soon as the weather gets warmer I want to take wakeboard lessons! I’m so excited about it!

Damn what a story.. well I think this is everything I want to talk about.
LET’S DO THIS!! I see you guys tomorrow! xx

  1. Shannon

    It’s so nice to see that you’re taking positive steps towards making yourself happy – well done! Your new hair is lovely and really suits you!! x

  2. Sam Murakami

    Wow, I do love your new hair! I actually love that you have two different tones of blond in there, it’s unique and suits you! And it makes you look older in a good way, I thought you always looked very young and this somehow makes you more mature, love it!! :)
    And congratulations for your busy weeks! I would appreciate if you would make a post about the whole process – what your idea was, or the starting point, how you started etc. I would be really interested to read that! :) Hope your business will go well! Isn’t it a big risk and money intensive to start your own business? I have really no idea… anyway I hope everything works out for you love!

  3. Sarah

    Ik wens je echt super veel succes met je eigen business! Ik vind je haar supertof (welcome to the wittekopjes club!) en ik ben heel benieuwd naar de nieuwe blogposts! Ik ben heel blij dat je terug bent :D

  4. Merel

    Wat een superleuk en enthousiast artikel! Gefeliciteerd met je eigen business (en als je eigen baas bent, mag je NATUURLIJK roze haar)! Ik vind je haar supergoed gelukt en ik ben expert qua verven :p. De meeste zelf-blondeer-sessies worden veel geler, dus ik ben benieuwd hoe je het hebt gedaan!?

  5. Anne

    Thank you so much for this very inspirational post! I love to read about people getting excited about their life and changes in them! I hope I can be as enthusiastic as you are soon!
    I wish you the best, that everything turns out as well as you want it to! Hope you will not get any disappointments soon :)



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