Foto op 05-02-14 om 16.22Foto op 18-04-14 om 16.28 #5Foto op 24-01-14 om 15.31 #3 Foto op 20-03-14 om 11.21 #4Foto op 30-05-14 om 17.04 #7Foto op 07-04-14 om 14.11 Foto op 13-05-14 om 19.24Foto op 28-02-14 om 22.33 #4 Foto op 19-04-14 om 10.07 #2Foto op 22-03-14 om 21.48 #3Foto op 08-04-14 om 12.51 #6 Foto op 22-07-14 om 15.00Bwahaha so I just opened ‘Photo Booth’ for the first time in ages, and look what I found! Lot’s of pictures of me with blonde (long) hair! Except for the last one. I do miss my blonde hair, but it also reminds me of the time where I dyed my hair almost every single week. Pff I’m glad that is over. I really like my hair on the last picture (the brown hair pic). Right now it’s already lighter then before, maybe I’ll dye it for one last time very soon. Although, now I’m writing it down, I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with my hair hehe


new hairWhoaahh new hair! Today I went to the hairdresser and she cut off 10 cm!! I was so scared but I wanted to cut my hair this length for so long already. So today I was like, okay fuck it! Let’s do it!! Now I’m so happy with it! It feels so soft and looks so healthy again!