pizza slicers and boots
1. Pink rose stone necklace I have my eye on these necklaces for a while now, they look so cool when you pair them with other necklaces! 2. Glitter starts iPhone case Is this the coolest iPhone case or what? I can’t wait to get an iPhone 5 so I can buy this case! 3. Black poncho scarf thingy I still don’t know how to call this thing, but I know I want it. 4. Dr Martens Serena boots I have them with white fur, but they are too big and I’d rather have them in black! 5. Car pizza slicers Do I need to say anything?

I’m not going to say that the ‘Ebay list’ is back, because every time I say that, I forget to post them. So I’m not going to say it this time. But who knows what I’ll post on the blog next saturday hehe.


black and white creepers black and white creepersRed scarf Zara / Black dress Monki / Black and white creeper sneakers T.U.K. shoes*

Here is the outfit I promised! I’m in love with these shoes omg, they go with almost everything. Today I’ll be editing and filming some new videos since I have a day off. Tonight I’ll be going out for a drink with some friends, and for the rest of the weekend I don’t have any plans yet! What are you going to do this weekend?


tuk creeper sneakerstuk creeper sneakers tuk creeper sneakerstuk creeper sneakersOne thing that makes me happy: Coming home from work to find this lovely pink package with new shoes in there! I was surprised because they came in so quickly. I received an email from T.U.K. if I wanted to review a pair of shoes and I was like, @!#$&*@#@! YES I WOULD LOVE TO! And before I knew it, the shoes arrived at my doorstep! I chose these black and white creeper sneakers because I’m a huge Sum 41 fan. Deryck Whibley (the singer of the band) got the same shoes, and as soon as I saw them I knew I wanted a pair of these shoes as well. I wore them the other day and they are super comfortable! Normally I get blisters very easily but this time I didn’t. Tomorrow I’ll post an outfit with these shoes!