instagram outfitsSome outfits I wore over the last couple of weeks! I think it’s ok to take low quality ‘outfit pictures’ from time to time.
Hope you have a lovely weekend!


dem gutsdem guts
Dem guts swimsuit Black Milk Clothing / Black lace skirt Monki / Black creepers Underground

This is by far one of my favorite clothing pieces I own. I was so happy the weather finally let me wear it just like this! And I like the way some people look really confused at me while I was grocery shopping hehe.


I made a video about my Black Milk Collection! It’s one of my favorite brands and I’m just super proud of my collection! If you want to see more videos (The ones where I’m actually talking to you!) you can visit my youtube channel or check my facebook page¬†every now and then. I post everything on facebook, but if you only want to see the videos you know where to find them! Hope you guys like this video!!!